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"VISIONS" is a modern symphonic rock opera that is based upon speeches by Visionaries set to music in a theatrical setting. This powerful show will take you on an unforgettable journey by combining these “Words of Wisdom” with an original musical score.

This highly spiritual and educational production captivates audiences of all ages and cultures. With the dedication of friends, family, community, the Los Angeles Theatre Center, along with the Ford Amphitheatre, we have brought this project to where it is today. A motivational and inspiring show for the whole family.

VISIONS” is not only winning the admiration of southern California, it is now in the process of capturing an international audience as well. This is the beginning of a planned international tour to promote non-violent principles through these Visionaries. "VISIONS" will capture your heart and soul with these words that changed and shaped humanity as we know it today.

Join us in a “Vision Quest” for global unity and peace.

Visions awakened me, entertained me,
and enlightened me!
-- Liz C, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca



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