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DIMITRIS (Composer) -

MONIE KULICK (Lyricist) -



When I met my friend that day, I had no idea what was in store for me. He knew I needed a challenge, something that could entice my creative spirit again. My friend knew I couldn't find any work that moved me. So, he asked it...the question that changed my life.

"How about the Gettysburg Address?"

It was the spark that ignited this whole project. I had no idea that simple question was going to start me out on the most spiritual journey of my life...a journey down a road that would ultimately lead to VISIONS.

I embraced the project, carrying the Gettysburg Address with me wherever I went for the next three months. But what seemed like a simple task at first, grew more involved and launched a new series of dilemmas for me. How could I write music that could capture the courage of this vision?

But as I continued to adapt Lincoln's immortal words to music, I realized that what drew me to this historic work was the universal spirit that laid behind the words. Written by an American, it was a vision that spoke for all humanity. It intrigued me...what of the other visionaries that left us messages throughout history. Could they be put to music as well?

I began to search for these men and women of destiny who illuminated the world with their individual revelations. No matter where I matter where I looked; Buddha, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, Gandhi and all of the others seemed to speak to me in a common language.

Even though they were expressed in different philosophies and languages, their message never changed. It was the vision of the unfailing spirit of humanity. Studying them became a necessity for my life, like food and water.

Now, it's been more than five years, and I'm still trying to put it in perspective. The long, sleepless nights, the agony of trying to honor these incredible individuals, and the effort that drained me in every physical and spiritual sense was worth every minute of my creative struggles.

Why? Because now, more than ever we need to be inspired. When you share their visions, you feel their energy. Once you hear their words, you are tied with them, in a very unique way.

You've been where they suffered, loved, and lived their lives. And by their visions for humanity you live, you create, you cry, you think, you feel, you dream, you walk, you eat, you work and you learn. In this simple way, you are bonded with them forever.

It was a gift, to try to create something that would honor what they've said. Now, it's a mission: to spread their words, so different, but so powerful, but so true.

Why did I create VISIONS? It's a pretty simple answer. It's not about money. It's not about fame. I created it for me, and for my children. For all the children. For the future. A new millennium, a new beginning, a new journey.

(Lyricists / Co-writer / Co creator)

I believe the time has come to follow my true passion in life through the rock opera "VISIONS". I hope my work can become a revelation of truth through the teachings and lives of these non-violent peacemakers and visionaries. These men and women represent the birthplace of peace and harmony among all people and all nations.

I feel the creation of this rock opera has been a rare opportunity to work with the ideas of these brilliant, progressive minds. Many of us have forgotten the social contributions of these great individuals and how they continue to have a profound impact today. These visionaries had the ability to allow the lessons of the past become a new path to illuminate and expand the possibilities of the present. Remembering these words of wisdom will ultimately and intuitively reawaken us to the limitless potential of the future.

I endeavor to use all of my intuitive abilities as a writer. As a storyteller, my goal is to find a neutral observation point that can serve as a conduit for information, hopefully transforming a blank page into a meaningful metaphor. I would like my work to serve as a constant reminder to look within rather than without, for I believe the answers to life's questions can only be found within one's own consciousness. Politicians and their agendas will come and go, but the ideals of these visionaries and their dreams of peace will remain with us for eternity.

"Remember that your vision can become someone else's dream."