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"VISIONS” opened as a workshop production in a small theater in North Hollywood California. This was the beginning of a long journey for a show that started with a group of Visionaries who reshaped and changed the world, as we know it today.

After two long years of writing more material, finding, seeking out talent and developing the story, we were ready for the next phase of the show. With the help of the Greek community here in Los Angeles, we were able to bring the show to the John Raitt Theater in Hollywood for a four week run.

The opportunities for us were now opening in many different directions. We were asked to perform at Lynwood High School for the drama and music departments. The students responded with a big “thumbs up” on the show and were truly inspired by these Visionaries and their message.

We continued to write, edit and work “VISIONS” from the inside out for three more years. The City of Los Angeles seeing the potential of the show, sponsored it and helped our next 3-week run. “VISIONS” had it's world premiere at the Los Angeles Theater Center on Martin Luther King's day in 2003. The continued support of the Greek community once again propelled this production to new heights. This run of “VISIONS” continued to grow with a more developed stage and set design. The show now is in the same league as any Broadway production right here in Los Angeles.

September 17, 2006 was the day it was presented at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater here in Hollywood, California. Through the City of Los Angeles and their grant foundation program, this production was performed as a concert version of the show. The rock-opera was hailed for it's brilliant score, exceptional lyrics, positive message and sensational singing, that makes “VISIONS” one of the most powerful shows of our time.

The main character, Antonia, a homeless woman living in the streets of Glendale California, was the inspiration for Dimitris to write the rock opera along with lyricist Monie Kulick. The LA Times wrote an article about the show and it's character Antonia.

The International spotlight is shinning bright for "VISIONS” to take the center stage. These Visionaries who brought us their words of wisdom are needed now more than ever to re-connect our society as one. Peace can only be achieved through non-violent principles. “VISIONS” Words Of Wisdom will ignite and inspire a new generation of visionaries. Join us.